Circuit Breaker

Motor Protection Circuit Breaker





  • DZ519 breaker (GV3 Motor Circuit Breaker) is applied to comtrol theoverload, phade-broken,short-circuir protection and non-frequent start of three-pha squirrel-cage asynchronous electromotor in the circui withmax AV 690 and 1A- 80Acurrent,and is used as distribrtion line protrction and nonfre quent overload conversion, and is also usedas the isolator.

Technical Data

DZ519-M (GV3-M) (GV3-ME)
DZ519-M10 6-10A 6-10A
DZ519-M16 10-16A 10-16A
DZ519-M20 14-20A 14-20A
DZ519-M15 16-25A 16-25A
DZ519-M400 25-40A 25-40A
DZ519-M63 40-63A 40-63A
DZ519-M80 56-80A 56-80A

Type The adjusting range commuting current for coppnents A. Kw AC-3,50HZ/60HZ
The standard power of three-phase electromotor
DZ519-M40 25-40 18.5
DZ519-M63 40-63 30
DZ519-M80 56-80 40




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