Timer Relay




Technical Data

Classification Multi Range Timer
Model H3CR
Dimensions 48H×48W×81.6D
Mounting & Socker Surface(-N) PS-08
Flush(-Y) US-08, P3G-08
Full Timing Range 0.5s ~ 300h
Rated Voltage 100~240VAC/ 100~125VDC
24~48VAC/ 12~48VDC
DC(V): 12, 24V
AC(V): 110, 220V
Indicator Operating Time Operating Flicker
O/P Contact Model H3CR-A H3CR-A8
Time Limit 1C    
Time Limit 2C 5A(AC250) 5A(AC250)
Instantenous 1C    
Mechanical 5×107times
Electrical 105times
Accuracy Repea Error ±2% Max.
Setting Error ±5% Max.
Voltage Error ±5% Max.
Temp. Error ±2% Max.
Reset Time 0.5 Sec. Max.
Consumed Power 100~240VAC: 10VA 12VDC, 24~240VDC: 1.5W
Ambient Temperature -10℃~+55℃
Ambent Huminity 35~85%RH
Weight 100g
Connection Diagrams & Timing Chart A 34E E 34J


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